Christina, the Fearless

( a Human Cleric, character created & played by Suzan Danis)  

The Year of Our Lord 600, 25th day, in the Month of the Archer

My grandmother, Ada, was a High Priestess of great repute, and an unequalled Healer. As a child I often accompanied her on her journeys to the four corners of the Earth, for she was dearly belovèd by Elves of all the Regions, as she could raise them from the dead effortlessly.

My mother, Ruthra, was a Cleric in training to become a Priestess also, when she met and fell deeply in love with my father, Sym-o-ur, at first sight, due to a most clever Love Enchantment Spell that had been cast upon him by the Mage, Hermina, who was most jealous of Grandmother's reputation as an impeccable Priestess and Bearer of the Light. Of course, my family opposed the marriage greatly, as Sym-o-ur was a Rogue of disreputable character. However, Hermina's Spell was of great power, and thus Grandmother was forced to acquiesce as Mother abandoned her apprenticeship to wed her rake.

As foreseen by Grandmother, my father abandoned Mother before I was even born, to plunder a Romany caravan he had heard tell of, heading out of Egypt down into Africa. Alone, penniless and carrying an unborn child within her womb, Mother returned to live with her parents, who rejoiced at her return. Though of Celtic origins, my family had been, at that time, settled in East Anglia for three generations.

At my birth, in the Year of Our Lord 576, on the 3rd day in the Month of the Ram, my grandfather, the Wizard, Josephus, cast the Runestones. It was thus revealed that it would be greatly beneficial, were I to follow in Grandmother's footsteps. Therefore, I was apprenticed as a Cleric at the age of 13 years. It is Grandmother's fondest wish, that upon becoming a Priestess, I choose a particular specialization, most dear to her heart. However, Grandfather always says that if and when that time comes, he will again consult the Runes. This is Grandfather's way, as he passed the years of his boyhood in the company of Druids.

From Grandmother, I received my Herbal Amulet. From Mother, I received the Charm of Protection by Metal. By Grandfather, I was relentlessly trained in the Art of Dreaming. Grandfather is a most stern taskmaster. I am called "The Fearless", because I have fought and overcome Dream Demons, at Grandfather's insistence. But he forbids me to speak of this in any further detail.

I have never seen my father, Sym-o-ur, but recently he sent me a cryptically-inscribed Copper Bracelet which I cannot yet identify. He sent it under most mysterious circumstances. It was delivered in the night by an unseen visitor, and at the next dawn, a falcon descended with a note addressed to me from Father. He wrote that it is a gift from Hermina, who has apparently declared herself my Godmother, as I am a child born of the spell she cast. I do not know what to think of this. I find it most curious. Perhaps I shall consult the Twin Mage sisters, to better determine Hermina's intentions. Grandmother suspects she is a Master of Intent, and warns me of susceptibility from the Moon in the Fish, yet Grandfather tells me to always remember and hold clearly in mind, that the Great Benefactor lies conjunct.