(a Human Wizard character, created and played by Renaud Lemaire-Dugré)

He always wanted to be a Mage. When he was only nine years old, he asked to see the King. He was able to make such a demand, because his parents were very rich. When he made his request to the King, at first the King laughed at him; but then he saw that the boy was serious. The King decided to give the boy a series of challenges to overcome first. These were all very difficult: Raistlin had to first put all his fingers in fire for two minutes, then he had to sustain electrical force in his body and after he had to achieve great concentration in a cold room.

Later, some Wizards put claws at the end of each finger, because they were all burned. They also gave him magical orange cat eyes. The cold he had endured had made his skin all crumpled.

He practiced the arts involved in becoming a Mage until he was thirty-five years of age. Then he began following a group of adventurers and continued following them until he had collected enough magical items. One day he stopped to concentrate. When he was ready, he began to use his powers without thinking about the consequences. He overcame and banished the Queen of Darkness (the Goddess of Evil), Paladin (the God of Goodness) and then Helm (the neutral God of Balance).

Then he realized that he had not respected the rule of balance.

Now, just before a great blast will occur in this world, he has given a mission to the adventurers: Bogus, Conan, Christina the Fearless, Hocus Pocus, Jeanny and Robin the Peerless, and he is counting on them.